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Delivery of merchandise from ebay/amazon

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Online Auction in Ukraine HauBau (

Benefits of Online Auction HauBau

    * Know How Internet Auctions HAUBAU - a system protected sales. Each buyer and the seller receives instructions on how to implement 100% guaranteed safe transactions. If you are not satisfied with the goods then you just You give it back and will not pay for in paragraph delivery / acceptance. All costs associated with delivery delivery is the seller lots!
    * No compulsory paid services. All functions required for the sale of goods - for free!
    * Limiting the minimum selling price - the price of redemption;
    * The ability to customize its step size of trades;
    * Automatic re-nomination of auctions;
    * Rss subscription of new auctions on various criteria;
    * Generation of new auctions on e-mail;
    * Promotion of products in priority shows;
    * Free add 20 pictures to the product and 3 video;
    * Subscription on new ads for keywords and phrases;
    * The exchange of goods;
    * Tracking trades in real time;
    * The introduction of news feeds into custom pages of search engines Yandex and Google;
    * Recommendation of the auction with a friend is sent to the e-mail;
    * Send a link to the auction via instant text messages Twitter, social networking site Facebook, bookmarking Bobrdobr, Memori and other services bookmarks ...
    * And much more

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